Custom Lycra Backdrops

 • Custom logo can be added

• High quality printing
• High tension fabric
• Reversible cover (White/Black)
• Covers can be sold separately
• Frame included
• Carry Bag
• Washable
• Non fading
• UK delivery

Work with one of our specialist team members to create your very own unique design(s)

Our team will work with you every step of the way, give you our professional opinion and advice and will make sure you are 110% satisfied with the end result.

Each design is quoted on what is involved, you will always be shown the proof design prior to printing. 

Our terms and conditions for this service will always be sent  alongside your digital invoice for your viewing. 

 Step by step guide


  1. Send your enquiry to


  1. When making contact with us you will be asked a set of questions on your unique design. Should you have a logo or image(s) that you have already that you want placed on your booth cover, please read the art work requirements below to make sure they will be suitable. You will then be quoted for your custom designed cover. If agreed and you wish to proceed, you will be invoiced for payment with your order requests.

          Once paid you will then receive your receipt and order confirmation. 


  1. Once the agreed art work is confirmed our designers will go to work to create your cover design, once complete you will be emailed a draft copy for your approval.


  1. Once agreed your art work will then be sent to our manufacturer where they themselves check everything before printing.


  1. Your cover will go into production


  1. Your cover is then dispatched for delivery


Art work requirements


  1. Any images supplied for inclusion in the design should ideally be quality vector images. This is essential if the design covers the whole area of the booth cover and ensures a better quality finish.


  1. If the design or part of the design covers the centre panel only or is a relatively small part of the overall design, we may be able to use PNG images provided the size and quality of the image is sufficient.

      3. Printed material uses a different colour profile to photo images, so please         note that the finished colours may look slightly different.

      4. Simple designs or logos may be able to be re-created as vector images.

      5. Vector images are solid colours, so are therefore not suitable where                gradient colours are required. Please remember this when thinking of your          logo/design.


 What this includes:

  • Initial consultation regarding you design
  • Art work and amendments
  • Art work patented (copy right protected by us)
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Admin 

Please note: once your custom design has gone to print there is no going back, no refund will be given once its gone into production. 

This is a pre order only product and our turnaround time from the time of order to delivery is 4-5 weeks. In some cases this may be sooner.

We cannot be held responsible for outside supplier or courier delays however, we will always try our best to keep you updated should their be any delays to your order past the stipulated 4-5 weeks as stated above.